Michelle robin reiki master in mtn home id

Reiki Master and Teacher

Michelle was raised on a five-acre farm in Boise, Idaho. With unlimited access to the outdoors, the farm animals, and strays that wandered near enough for her to care for them, she developed a passion for all living things. She has been on a path of self-discovery for as long as she can remember; always seeking wisdom and truth. Her search led her to teachers that showed her how to look within herself, heal past wounds, and rediscover and embrace the strength, courage, and beauty of her life and of herself. It was Reiki that allowed Michelle to see the gifts that she held within. After her second attunement, her life was forever changed. The fire in her heart had been lit and she wanted to share the warmth with others. Michelle is an artist and a creator of beauty. She radiates light, goodness, warmth, and safety. She follows her passion, which is service to others. Reiki has allowed Michelle to heal, gain clarity, and embrace life. As a conduit of the healing energies of Reiki, Michelle now offers this beautiful gift to those who seek it. And now, she lives her life with purpose.

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